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Disney World GuideIf you are even remotely thinking about a Disney World vacation then you should get the Insider’s Guide to Disney World.  It will make your trip to Disney World much more affordable and much more enjoyable.  I give this Disney World Guide a very high rating.    Ideally, you should get it before you make any reservation or plans, but it is still valuable if you already have some of those made.

I know many people are leery about purchasing internet products.  I vividly remember the first internet product I bought.  I paid something like $30 and it was 2 pages long.  I was not a happy camper!  In a bookstore you can pick up the book, see how thick it is and flip through it.  You can’t do so with an internet product.  That is why reviews such as this are so valuable.  I have done much more for you than flip through it.  I have purchased it, read it and used it.  Oh by the way, not only is it of high quality, you are getting an amazing quantity of material as well.  This Disney World guide contains more than 250 pages of content.  It also comes with a no questions ask refund policy.

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Vacation to Disney WorldI do have two strong negative criticisms of the product and in the interest of a fair review I want to put them out upfront.  First the creators of the product no longer maintain the online portion of the product including the coupon section.  Now I don’t have a direct problem with that as you still get way more value than the price of the product.  However, the sales page still promotes it and I do have a problem with that.  Moreover, I have complained to the product creators and they have not made the change.   I am even more unhappy with that lack of response.  The second, problem is that there are quite a few typographical errors in the product.  In this day when even most print books are self-edited (you may not be aware of that change in publishing), I can usually find a error or two in most books now.  I also know that such errors creep into my websites.  However, there are more than one or two errors and I find them very annoying.  Moreover, unlike when you have a 100,000 copies of a printed book, the advantage of e-product is they are easy to change.  Come on people fix the errors on your sales page and in your product.  While those two issues are detracting, they do not take aware from the value of the product which quite frankly is amazing.  So my recommendation is to buy the product and over look those two flaws.

The product is divided into two separate eBooks and then some supplemental material.  The first eBook is focused on planning your trip to Disney World.  The second eBook is focused on getting the most out of your Disney World vacation while you are present at the Disney World parks.  The supplemental material includes forms to help you plan your trip and assorted other information.

Get the Insider’s Guide to Disney World by Clicking Here

Disney World PlanningThe first eBook covers everything about planning your trip to Disney World including saving money, the Disney World Resorts, off-property hotels, tickets, weather, and special events.  All the way through, not only does it tell you amazing ways to save money, but it it also clear about the advantages and disadvantages of making those choices.  The guide includes detailed information about each Disney World Resort.  It even contains room maps for each resort.   It provides the pluses and minuses of each resort.  Think how much better your planning will be!  For instance there are four value resorts, do you know which ones is the best to stay in?  Get the guide to find out.  The guide will tell you the best and cheapest time to visit Disney World.  It tells you about various Disney packages including their advantages and disadvantages.  Would you like to save money on your Disney World tickets?  The guide will tell you how to do so and again the pluses and minus of the various ticket packages.  What I love about the Insider’s Guide to Disney World is not only the thoroughness of the information but the fact that it helps you analyze and evaluate the information in order to make the right choices for yourself.  By using this guide not only will you save money, you will design the trip that is right for you.

Ebook two is all about your time at Disney World.  I know in theory is sounds more natural to be spontaneous and just show up and go with the flow.  Let me assure you that such theory is absolutely wrong when it comes to Disney World, it will harm your experience if not ruin it.  Plus there is so much to do at Disney World that even if your are staying 10 days you cannot do it all.  You must make choices.  So plan for your time at Disney World.  That means what you will do each day (like what particular park you will go to that day) but also plan out your itinerary for each day.  I use the guide and then create a 4 x 6 note card for each day including the order in which we will go to each attraction and where we will eat our meals.  I then carry the days card with me.  Now you don’t have to be slave to such planning, we alter our plans as we go–but have a plan!  That is unless you just love huge crowds and standing in line for hours or getting turned away from restaurants because they are full.  The guide will give you all the information including detailed information about every single attraction on the entire property.  It also provides detailed information about nightlife, shopping, dinning, recreation, tours, children’s activities and babysitting services.  Like the previous eBook it does not just give information, it will help you make decisions resulting in the vacation you want.  Don’t just show up.  Get the guide.  Use it to plan.  The result will be the Disney world Vacation of your dreams

Get the Insider’s Guide to Disney World by Clicking Here.

Disney World GuideFinally, there is the supplemental materials.  Most important are planning sheets and spread sheets to help you plan your days and compare packages and hotels.  Also of great value are 4 sample itineraries for each of the four parks one for adults, one for groups with pre-schoolers, one for groups with children and one for teens and young adults.  There are other nice things including a list of free or inexpensive things to do, a count down list to help your children wait for the trip to come, scavenger hunts you can do in the various parks, ideas on how to celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon at Disney World and a list of cast member tips.  Some pretty nice additions.

Despite the two flaws discussed earlier, this guide is an outstanding value.  The price is low and the content is amazing.  Now that I have the guide I can’t imagine going to Disney World without making extensive use of it.  Because of all its money saving ideas, for some it will make a trip to Disney World possible.  For everyone it will save you significant money.  Moreover, it will help you decide what activities you really want to do and then allow you actually do them.  Have the Disney World vacation of your dream.  Get the Insider’s Guide to Disney World.  I strongly recommend it to you.


Get the Insider’s Guide to Disney World by Clicking Here.

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